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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a sponsorship cost? How do I pay?

A: Sponsorship is $39 per month and is a monthly, recurring donation. The easiest way to donate is online with a credit or debit card. We can also set up recurring withdrawals from your checking or savings account. If you prefer to pay by check, you may mail your donations to 410 Bridge Child Sponsorship, PO Box 71447, Marietta, GA 30007.

Q: How will my donations be used?

A: Your donations are used to address direct barriers to education, for example: school fees, textbooks, desks, school supplies, and school uniforms. Indirect barriers, like lack of access to safe water or a health clinic, are also addressed. Sponsorship funding also improves the quality of education your sponsor child is receiving, through programs like teacher training, and also make the discipleship program possible. Good stewardship is extremely important to us and we strive to use your donations in ways that will have the greatest impact on your sponsored child, as well as other children in the program. Each community we serve has unique strengths and challenges, so we customize sponsorship programming in each location.

Q: How will my sponsorship specifically impact my sponsored child?

A: Your sponsorship will guarantee that the child you sponsor is enrolled in school and has access to a quality education. Your sponsorship also addresses your sponsored child’s physical needs, through health monitoring and feeding programs when needed. Most importantly, your sponsorship gives your child the opportunity to learn about Jesus and be encouraged through our discipleship programming. Sponsoring a child gives you a chance to build a personal relationship, but your impact will reach even further. Our model is holistic, and your decision to sponsor one child creates a ripple effect, raising the quality of education for all children in the community.

Q: Can I write to my sponsored child? Will they write me back?

A: Our students are always excited and encouraged when they receive letters and photos from their sponsors! Regardless of how you send your notes, they are printed, translated (if necessary), and delivered by teams traveling to the country where your sponsor child lives. There are 2 ways to write:

  1. Log in to your sponsorship account at sponsorship.410bridge.org to write a note and upload photos.
  2. Send your letter and pictures directly to our office: 410 Bridge Child Sponsorship, PO Box 71447, Marietta, GA 30007..

We encourage you to send your child letters and photos! Your support, prayers, and encouraging words are a wonderful gift for the child you sponsor. Some children may have difficulties with English so please write clearly, be brief, and try not to use slang or terms your sponsor child may not understand.

Relationships are at the heart of what we do, and we make every effort to make sure you receive letters from your child. With that said, the communities where our students live are remote areas of the developing world and regular correspondence is often challenging.

Q: Can I visit my sponsored child?

A: Yes! It’s a special moment when sponsors are able to meet the students they sponsor for the first time. Service trips are the perfect chance to catch a glimpse into your sponsored child’s daily life. To find a trip, visit our website at www.410bridge.org.

Q: Can I send gifts to my child?

A: Healthy giving is central to The 410 Bridge Model. We separate giving from our desire to feel good about ourselves. While well-intentioned, gifts often disempower our communities, undermining their progress and causing lots of problems for the child, school, and other children. If you become aware of a special need outside the scope of your monthly donation, we’d love to help you give in a healthy way. If you have further questions around our gift-giving policy, please get in touch! We’d be more than happy to discuss this policy with you in greater detail or help facilitate giving to a special need.

Q: What else can I do to help?

A: Besides sending letters and photos, we encourage you to pray for your sponsor child and their community. We also encourage you to visit 410bridge.org/our-work, view your child's community profile page, and sign up for the blog to stay up-to-date with what's happening in your child's community. You may also receive periodic correspondence from us with other ways to support 410 Bridge or your child's community through prayer or financial support for special initiatives.

Q: How long does my sponsorship last?

A: While there’s no specific timeline for your commitment, students are generally sponsored through primary school, and in some cases, secondary school. However, our program is unique in that our ultimate goal is community graduation. We measure our success not by what we do, but by what the community is capable of doing on its own without help from outsiders. Recognizing God has gifted and equipped them to fulfill a purpose, communities become empowered to continue their development effort without us. At that time, we will celebrate graduation with them and move to a new community where support is needed and we may ask you to move with us. Please sign up to the blog to stay informed on the exciting progress being made in your sponsor child's community!

Q: Why does The 410 Bridge have multiple sponsorships for each child?

A: One of the things that makes our model unique and effective is multiple sponsorships. Having multiple sponsorships for each child allows us to make a deeper impact. The first sponsorship addresses barriers to education like school fees, textbooks, desks, school supplies, uniforms and feeding programs where needed. Additional sponsorships improve the quality of education by employing additional teachers, providing teacher training, and offering leadership and discipleship opportunities. Our model ensures that your sponsor child can attend school and that he or she is receiving a quality education. Sponsors create a ripple effect and improve opportunities for all children in our communities.

Q: Tell me why 410 Bridge Sponsorship is unique.

A: The 410 Bridge and our partners work alongside communities to help them assess and leverage their gifts and strengths, not just their needs. Together, we activate a unique, holistic approach that combines Christian discipleship, economic development, quality education largely through child sponsorship, clean water, as well as health and wellness to create lasting freedom from poverty. The goal for each community is to move towards graduation, which means the community is able to indigenously sustain themselves without help from outsiders.

Q: How does Sponsorship address children’s spiritual needs?

A: In addition to physical and educational needs, we work to meet the spiritual needs of the children we serve. Our discipleship programs are central to our Sponsorship Model. Click here to visit our website to learn more about discipleship programs like the Discovery Kids Program.

Q: Is 410 Bridge Child Sponsorship associated with a particular denomination?

A: We’re not associated with a particular denomination. We’re committed to a calling that surpasses denominational lines and unifies the body of Christ in such a way that God would be glorified and people would experience His grace and love.

Q: How do you maintain financial integrity? Can I see The 410 Bridge’s most recent audited financial statements?

A: Financial integrity is central to our mission. We keep our administrative costs low and evaluate our programs often to make sure your donations are being used where they will have the greatest impact for your sponsored child. Click here to view our financial statements.

Q: How much funding goes directly towards programs?

A: We work hard to be good stewards and keep our administrative costs low so your donations can go further. Approximately 82% of the sponsorship funding we receive goes directly towards programs.

Q: Are my donations eligible for tax deduction?

A: Yes! Your sponsorship donation is processed by Child Sponsorship Services and executed by The 410 Bridge Sponsorship Program. Child Sponsorship Services is a division of BrightPoint for Children, Inc., a registered 501(c)(3) organization, and long-time sponsorship administration partner of The 410 Bridge. All donations and sponsorship payments made to Child Sponsorship Services are 100% tax deductible. Child Sponsorship Services will issue your year-end donation statement.

Q: How do I discontinue my sponsorship? What will happen to the child I’m sponsoring?

A: You can discontinue your sponsorship at any time by emailing sponsorship@410bridge.org or by calling us at (770)-664-4949 ext. 316. Once we’re notified, we’ll begin finding a new sponsor so your child's support can continue uninterrupted. We appreciate you giving us as much lead time as you can.

Q: Anything else I should know?

A: We work in some very difficult and remote places in the world. Children are very poor with daily challenges beyond what we will ever experience or understand.

Despite the opportunity they receive from our sponsors, children run away, drop out of school, become pregnant, get married, leave without notice or don't show up to write letters. You should know that your child might leave before they reach the end of their sponsorship. While this happens with less than 10% of our sponsorships, we want to be transparent and sharing this possibility with you is important. If that happens, we will select another child in the same program for you and provide you the opportunity to continue sponsoring and thereby, supporting the education program in the same community. Additionally, if your child graduates out of the sponsorship program by completing the highest level of education available in that program, we will ask that you continue with us in supporting another child in the program. This continuity allows us to continue to improve the quality of education for all the children in the community.

Q: What else can I do for my sponsor child?

A: We ask that you pray for your child, their family, and their community. Your child will know your name, pray for you, and treasure the letters and pictures they receive. They feel encouraged by being sponsored and their life path will be different because of your generosity and relationship with them.

Remember...we're on a journey of development in you sponsor child's community. Our goal is to help your sponsor child break out of the vicious cycle of poverty. Because of your commitment and compassion, you have the opportunity to accompany them on this journey and see true, lasting change in their lives!

Q: How do I get in touch if I have a question?

A: Call the office at 770.664.4949 ext. 316 or email sponsorship@410bridge.org. We’re happy to chat and answer any questions you have!