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Sponsor a child through 410 Bridge and support programs that ignite children's self-developing capabilities to dramatically transform how they view themselves and their role as the solution to the poverty problem. Walk with them on their journey through the highs and lows of life. Share encouraging notes, prayers, and stories with your sponsor child on a regular basis as you build a relationship with them.

Your sponsorship will guarantee that the child you sponsor is enrolled in school and has access to quality education. Your sponsorship also addresses your sponsored child’s physical needs, through health monitoring and feeding programs when needed.

Most importantly, your sponsorship gives your child the opportunity to learn about Jesus and be encouraged through our discipleship programming. Good stewardship is extremely important to us, and we strive to use your donations in ways that will have the greatest impact on your sponsored child, as well as other children in the program. Each community we serve has unique strengths and challenges, so we customize sponsorship programming in each location.

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Photo of Bayrani


Las Lomas, Guatemala SPONSOR
Photo of Jamilton


La Nueva Independencia, Guatemala SPONSOR
Photo of Sheyla


Rancho Viejo, Guatemala SPONSOR
Photo of Kelvin


Vista Hermosa, Guatemala SPONSOR
Photo of Isaac


Irigithathi, Kenya SPONSOR
Photo of Evans


Ulu, Kenya SPONSOR
Photo of Alelías


Rancho Viejo, Guatemala SPONSOR
Photo of Rosita


Rancho Viejo, Guatemala SPONSOR
Photo of Joseph


Mugaa, Kenya SPONSOR