Photo of Alexander

Alexander Gonzalo Perez Velasquez

Alexander loves music and listens to his mom's small radio playing Catholic church music. He tries to sing along. He also loves all kinds of food and will try just about anything! He is a nervous child who is susceptible to fainting and he is not able to walk. Alexander lives with both his parents. His mother is home with him while his father is a coffee farmer.

El Pajal
El Pajal, Guatemala

Alexander's Sponsorship Needs

Special Needs

We believe that change happens when we focus on investing our time, efforts and resources in developing young lives. These children and their families have special needs that require additional support in their communities. Children in the sponsorship program will receive services that help them realize a future that enables them to dream with their Creator and become who He has called them to be.

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Total required to fully sponsor Alexander: $152