Photo of Mugaa


Since Mugaa is one of the newest communities 410 works with in Kenya, it faces many challenges. However, with the unification of leaders in the community and the 9 churches, Mugaa will take the lead on developing their education, healthcare, water, spiritual and economic development efforts.

Mugaa, Kenya
Development Phase
Phase I

Community Sponsorship

Each chance we get, we want to empower and lift up people to recognize that God has given them giftings and skills to move their communities forward to a better and more self-sustaining place. At the very core, this means allowing local leaders to make decisions that they feel will most impact their community instead of us making it for them. By sponsoring this community through 410 Bridge, you are GIVING DIFFERENT. Your recurring donation to this community will put the decision making into the hands of the local leaders to empower their community and make decisions that are best for them, not what we think is best for them.